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Brenda "Silverwolf" Hanlon

Thylacine Empowerment

Thylacine Empowerment

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Brenda "Silverwolf" Hanlon (2009), Thylacine Empowerment

The thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, was a carnivorous marsupial of Australia, it is not a
dog. It had a heavy, thickset head, and a long tail like that of a kangaroo.
It has been depicted bi-pedally, using its tail as a prop, and closely resembles a kangaroo
when making this pose.

One of the key lessons of the thylacine, which applies in this world and in the otherworlds,
is the concept of time transience, the idea that we are occupying our past, present and
future at any one time.

- Time Transience.
- Embracing the Unknown, and Accepting the Unknown.
- Moving Between Past, Present and Future.
- The Secrets of Rock Caves and Initiation.
- The Solitary Hunter.
- Keeping Secrets Hidden.

• The attunement in a Chi-ball.
• Digital manual and certificate
• Help and support if necessary

AND you can pass this beautiful energy onto others!
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