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Tracey Loper (2009), Star of Ishtar

Goddess Ishtar has many names in various scriptures including the Babylonian scriptures and the Bible scriptures. The star of Ishtar is the brightest star you see in the night sky, for they are all her stars. In Fact, Ishtar means star. She is the morning star and the evening star.

The Star symbolizes the Spirit, Divine Presence, Enlightenment, Wisdom and Human Aspiration. It represents light struggling against darkness. The Babylonian goddess Ishtar's emblem was an eightpointed star and females such as Astarte (associated with Ishtar), Isis, and the Virgin Mary are often pictured with a crown of stars.

Goddess Ishtar can be invoked to help us with compassion, benevolence, forgiveness, wishes, desires, passion, sex, all areas of love, dreams, goals, protection, guidance in walking between worlds, magick, all aspects of healing, releasing shame, taking decisive action, joy, happiness, hope, spells, longevity, vitality, order, cleverness, virility, sexual power, sexual liberation, sexual satisfaction, confusion, clearing blocks, beauty, bravery, courage, spells, defeating enemies, relieving suffering of any kind, making decisions, escaping danger, protecting those who are oppressed or mistreated, ambition, goals, sexual healing, feminine and masculine power and balance, protection, fertility, everything female, intuition, clarity, empathy and justice.

• The attunement in a Chi-ball.
• Digital manual and certificate
• Help and support if necessary

AND you can pass this beautiful energy onto others!

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