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Mary LaSota

Seven Rays of Love

Seven Rays of Love

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Mary LaSota (2003)Seven Rays of Love

There are 7 Angelic attunement Ceremonials designed to help you with your spiritual growth. This will also bring about greater balance with your Higher Self, the Planet Earth and all other beings that inhabit her loving angels support us in so many ways, and we may call on them at any time that we need help and guidance.

URIEL’S COMPASSION RAY: Archangel Uriel’s Attunement to the Compassion Ray is a peaceful energy combined with grace and love, which finds its home in the heart, soul and very essence of one’s Being. 

CHAMUEL’S ADORATION RAY: The Adoration Ray is a relaxing energy, which carries its gentle sun-like warmth to the heart, soul and spirit. 

ZADKIEL’S PURIFICATION RAY: The Purification Ray is a calming, purifying energy combined with love of the centuries, which enter the heart, soul, and core of one’s very essence of Being. 

RAPHAEL’S EMERALD HEALING RAY: The Emerald Healing Ray is a profoundly powerful and full encompassing loving energy, which combines the luminous bright power of the sun with the wholesome based power of nature to create beauty, truth, vitality wholesomeness, and healing. 

GABRIEL’S HARMONY RAY: The Harmony Ray is a loving purified energy and in its magnificence merges all the colors of the rainbow forming a brilliant white in such a form as to accentuate the Divineness in all Beings.

JOPHIEL’S ILLUMINATION RAY: The Illumination Ray is a strengthening form of energy which carries its rays of light, love and warmth directly to the heart, the entire being and the soul. 

MICHAEL’S PROTECTION RAY: The Protection Ray is a power warrior strength-like energy combined with a love and gentleness, which finds its way to the heart, soul, spirit and entire Being. 

• The attunement in a Chi-ball.
• Digital manual and certificate
• Help and support if necessary

AND you can pass this beautiful energy onto others!

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