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Stephen Comee

Green Tara Seichim

Green Tara Seichim

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Stephen Comee (2002), Green Tara Seichim

You must be an Reiki Master or Seichim Master.

The Green Tara Seichim attunement aims to provide a powerful combination of Seichim energies with the peaceful, healing and compassionate energies of Green Tara.

The amazing energies of Seichim and Green Tara compliment each other beautifully. Green Tara, a bodhisattva (a being of great compassion who has reached Buddhahood for the good of all beings), is a much loved and powerful deity. She is said to be able to prevent suffering rebirth, grant wishes, assist you in reaching enlightenment etc. She is very compassionate and this is felt strongly in her energies.
Green Tara Seichim comes with a detailed and well thought out manual that covers some of the following topics:
• What is Green Tara Seichim?
• What is Seichim?
• Seichim and Buddhism.
• Origin of the Cult Of Tara.
• More Than One Tara?
• About Tara Mantras.
• The Practice Of Tara.
• The Origin Of Tara.
• Why Do We Need To Practice Tara?
• The Benefits Of Practicing Tara.
• The Symbolism Of Green Tara.
• The Mantra Of Tara.
• Green Tara Heart Exercise.
• The Popular Mantras Of Some Forms Of Tara.
• Other Popular Forms Of Tara.
• Process Of Using Green Tara Seichim.
• Symbols To Use.
• Self Empowerment Method.
• Attunement Method.

Green Tara Seichim is a healing modality that has a lot of scope in its application. This system has rapidly become a personal favourite.

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