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Elizabeth Hibel

Goddess Blodeuwedd Empowerment

Goddess Blodeuwedd Empowerment

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Elizabeth Hibel,  Goddess Blodeuwedd Empowerment

Blodeuwedd is the Lady of Initiation. She calls us to cast off the garments of expectation and to peer into the darkness of the self to find, and ultimately live, our inner truth. She teaches us to fly where others would see us grounded.

In the Avalonian Cycle of Healing Blodeuwedd is the Guardian of the Station of Emergence. Her lesson is reclaiming the True Self. When working with Her Blodeuwedd asks us "Who are you?" Through Her you will gain clarity and wisdom. She is very accessible through meditation. She holds the Station of Beltaine, a portal time, just like dawn, which is Her time of day. Honor her with an essence of her flowers.

Blodeuwedd is the Welsh goddess of spring created from flowers, and the wife of Lleu, son of Arianrhod.

• The attunement in a Chi-ball.
• Digital manual and certificate
• Help and support if necessary

AND you can pass this beautiful energy onto others!

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