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Mariah Windsong (2010), Clairsentient Awakening

Clairsentient Awakening™ opens you to the ability to feel and know the answers to questions and to perceive information at a distance. Learn how to put your consciousness in various places while you perceive feelings and information from other people, places, animals and times.

Anybody can awaken their clairsentient abilities. How fast this awakening will occur and how consciously you’ll be able to access the information that arrives to you is determined by your higher self and your soul.

As you work with your Clairsentient Awakening energy you will begin to sense more than ever before.

Clairsentient Awakening™ is designed to awaken both additional feeling senses and knowing senses.  Information will be available to you in response to question you ask Eternal Sacred Source. If you start asking questions on behalf of other people, the way you receive your information will vary greatly.

Clairsentient Awakening knows 3 levels.

• The attunement in a Chi-ball.
• Digital manual and certificate
• Help and support if necessary

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