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Jay Burrell

Celestial Light Body Activation

Celestial Light Body Activation

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Jay Burrell, Celestial Light Body Activation

A Personal Development System for Spiritual Growth and Ascension
Registered Teacher:

Your light body is a body of pure energy that exists at a higher vibrational level, which is closer to your inner consciousness or soul, than your chakras.  As you re-awaken your light body vibrations you will start to learn how to channel a much higher vibrational energy during your healing work and your teaching.  You will also learn how to change all less harmonious energies within your auric field into more positive vibrations.  With this attunement you may experience a much higher sense of personal power, will be more centered, able to release old blockages and stuck energies.  A flow of energy from this attunement may connect you to the higher realms of spirit.  You can use these energies in many areas of your everyday life.

Through the use of crystals, guided meditations, self-healing and personal intentions you will be able to choose actions that reflect the light of your higher self and experience oneness with your self and everything around you.  The energies of this system also help you to open your higher chakras, including your 8th or Soul Star chakra, connecting you with the Universal Mind.  You will start to raise your personal energies and light body vibrations to a higher level of consciousness, thus making it easier to connect to many beings of light.

This attunement can teach you to reach altered states of awareness to connect more with the higher dimensions and to move forward on your spiritual and evolutionary path.  This will enable you to flow with the coming energy shifts said to occur on December 21, 2012.  Upon awakening your light body, you will grow more radiant with light, enabling you to manifest people, situations and energies that give you opportunities to make a difference to the world around you.  You may also create a more open channel for personal intention and psychic vision.  Creating more states of inner illumination, mental clarity and an open heart will help you to share love and light with others.  You will find that your meditations are enhanced as well, connecting you with the sacredness of being at one with everything around you.  If you re a healer or spiritual teacher or are involved with any creative field of work, awakening your light body can greatly help you in achieving the correct state of consciousness, helping you to excel in your chosen vocation.  This attunement teaches you new methods to connect with your higher self, guides, angels and a multitude of light beings to aid you with the process of self-development and spiritual awakening.  You will learn to create profound changes within your life as you raise your vibrational energies.

This very extensive manual of 109 pages covers a multitude of subjects including:
*Ascension symptoms, or spiritual energy shifts
*Using beneficial crystals when working with these energies
*Methods for grounding and protecting yourself
*The Merkabah Crystal Matrix of Light
*A discussion of Reiki and the 5 Principles of Reiki
*The Use of positive affirmations
*The layers of the Aura
*Cleansing your energy and aura
*Developing auric sight
*The meaning of auric colors
*Explanation of types of psychic abilities
*Astral travel and out of body experiences
*The chakras, including the 8th chakra or Transpersonal Point and the Higher Heart Chakra
*The Ascended Masters and Archangels
*Many exercises and meditations to help with the energies of the system

• The attunement in a Chi-ball.
• Digital manual and certificate
• Help and support if necessary

AND you can pass this beautiful energy onto others!

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