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Nicole Lanning

Angelic Expressions TM

Angelic Expressions TM

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Prerequirement for the attunement : Reiki Master or previous hands on energy work

Angelic Expressions has 13 attunements to 13 Archangels. It will attune you to the energies, attributes and properties of the Archangels. It helps restore balance and harmony very quickly to the areas you are working on and due to its gentle nature and flow of energy it is suitable for any one to use.

You must be a Reiki Master or having working knowledge of a related hands on healing system to receive this wonderful system. It will work with the past, present, future on mental/physical/emotional and spiritual issues. It works wonderfully with other healing modalities and Reiki systems. you will receive one attunement with all 13 levels sent at one time.

The Archangels you will be attuned to are :
* Michael - Archangel of Protection
* Gabriel - Archangel of Guidance
* Raphael - Archangel of Healing
* Uriel - Archangel of Salvation
* Chamuel - Archangel of Divine Love
* Jophiel - Archangel of Illumination, Enlightenment and Beauty
* Zadkiel - Archangel of Mercy, Freedom and Righteousness
* Cassiel - Archangel of Temperance
* Metatron - Archangel of Ascension and Angel of Children
* Raziel - Archangel of Knowledge and Mysteries
* Sandalphon - Archangel of Prayer
* Shekinah - Angel of Unity and Unconditional Love
* Remiel - Archangel of Mercy (Golden Light Angel)

• The attunements in a Chi-ball
• Digital manual and certificate
• Help and support if necessary

AND you can pass this beautiful energy onto others!

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